Virtual CIO Concept

To hit a home run you need to clear your brain of distractions: you need to tune out the crowd and focus only on the one thing that you must do to succeed. Successful small to medium-sized businesses are like star baseball home run hitters. They are able to tune out distractions and focus on the things that they do best.

Like the crowd at a baseball game, Information Technology can be a necessary evil. You need its support but you can't let it distract you from your mission. For many small and medium-sized businesses, just handling the necessary day-to-day functions are distractions. Essential business processes such as managing information technology can be time-consuming, energy-sapping burdens. 

Unlike major corporations many smaller businesses can't afford to employ highly qualified IT experts. Yet to compete effectively they need efficient business processes. They need IT systems that get the job done while working quietly in the background. If your business is facing this dilemma, we at Your Virtual CIO, LLC, Inc have the solution.

As your virtual CIO we assist you in analyzing your requirements from a business point of view. Keeping up-to-date with technology and IT solutions that are suitable for your business processes is our job. We help you select the equipment and the software that is appropriate for your business needs. As an extension to your team we help you implement the applications and ensure that your IT solutions remain solutions and do not become distracting problems.

CIO Outsourcing 

CIO outsourcing is not just another term for IT consulting. CIO outsourcing is an affordable way for smaller businesses to access the expertise of a professional Chief Information Officer on a day-to-day basis. By outsourcing the CIO function, small to medium-sized businesses are able to manage their IT requirements with the same degree of confidence enjoyed by large corporations.

Many smaller businesses that cannot afford a Chief Information Officer make the mistake of assigning those responsibilities to moonlighters, their junior "computer guy" or even worse--tagging them onto the duties of some unfortunate executive, who has many more important things to do. Your Virtual CIO, LLC can help you avoid making the same mistake. As your Virtual CIO we become part of your IT team. We assist your executives in the development of your IT strategy. We help you select the correct equipment and software needed to implement it. If necessary we will develop a custom solution to match your specific business requirements.

Like any corporate CIO, we assist in the implementation and ongoing operation of your IT solutions. Our level of involvement is designed to mesh seamlessly with the capabilities of your existing IT department, if you do indeed have one. Although we like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team, we bring the advantage of an unbiased, outside point of view to the decision making process.

You can rely on our decades of professional experience that encompasses a wide range of technologies and successful business applications. We keep abreast of all the latest IT developments and trends. We ensure that your IT functions run smoothly, thereby freeing your management to do what they do best--grow your business.

IT Solution Providers 

Few industries can offer as many different solutions to the same problem as does the IT industry. For every business process or function, there are dozens of IT solution providers. Every solution appears to have features that are better than the next. Unless you are an expert in the IT field, it is very difficult to know which one is the ideal IT solution provider for your business. 

Your Virtual CIO, LLC. is the best choice for those faced with the IT solution provider dilemma. We are the resource that can most efficiently help small to medium-sized businesses select the correct applications for their businesses. We start by first understanding your business--your existing business processes, and what the key factors are that will ensure its success. We take into account your existing IT resources, both human and machine. We discuss your growth projections and what diversifications might be possible in the future.

Armed with this information, we can assess which IT solutions have what it will take to handle your business processes now, and in years to come. We size the installation for your current level of business. We make sure that it will be able to handle the increased capacity that will surely follow. 

We become your "Virtual CIO" or part-time Chief Information Officer. Unlike other part-timers, we are always there when you need us. We have the experience, the qualifications and the expertise to fully support your IT solution. We understand IT, but more importantly, we understand business processes. We enable small businesses to confidently choose the right IT solution providers.

IT Resources 

Businesses that have optimized their business processes are also businesses that manage their IT resources efficiently. Large businesses have the scale that permits them to employ qualified and experienced Chief Information Officers to manage their investment in IT resources. Now using our "Virtual CIO" service, small to medium sized businesses can do the same--without hiring an expensive, full-time CIO.

Smaller businesses can outsource the management of their IT resources to YVCIO. We designed our "Virtual CIO" program specifically to provide small to medium-sized businesses with a better way to efficiently manage their IT resources. For more than three decades we have managed IT resources in dozens of different businesses and across all technology platforms. We know which IT solutions work and the best ways to implement them for the greatest return on investment.

IT resources shouldn't be regarded as an expensive luxury. Instead they should be recognized for the value that they add by improving business processes and increasing capacity. By investing efficiently in IT resources, small businesses can compete with the largest of corporations. YVCIO gives them the expertise needed to make those IT investments pay for themselves over and over again.

We provide a complete service that is designed to make the most efficient use of limited IT resources. We are able to identify solutions that contribute to profitability as soon as they are implemented. No longer constrained by the inefficient use of their IT resources, we help small to medium-sized businesses reach new heights.

Role of CIO

There are not many small business managers that would have their accounts receivable clerk prepare their tax returns. They know that when it comes to something as important as calculating profits and reporting taxes, they need the expert assistance of a CPA. Surprisingly many of those same managers will happily delegate the entire IT function of their business to an unqualified or overloaded member of their staff.

Before you hire an accountant to calculate and report profits, you need to make profits. Businesses that have the most efficient business processes beat their competitors every time. The key to efficient business process implementation lies in knowing what technologies to use, and how to deploy and run them effectively. That is the role of the CIO or Chief Information Officer.

YVCIO, LLC. gives small to medium-sized businesses access to a CIO in the same way a firm of accountants gives them access to a CPA. Having an experienced and qualified CIO on your team leaves you free to concentrate on functions like product development and marketing. Your CIO can identify the business processes that will improve the flow of products and services, streamline your customer support and increase your ROI.

At YVCIO we have decades of experience in a wide range of IT technologies. We have implemented hundreds of successful applications. We keep track of emerging developments in technology and we know when they can be used to the advantage of our clients. By enlisting our services as your CIO, you open the way to better business processes and increased profitability.

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